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Ear candle is a hollow wax stick with special technics, with main ingredients as natural honey, Moxa grass and pure vegetation Essential oil.The metabolism process that ear candles apply is that one end to put into ear hole and another end to be lighted, under theory of vacuum, the Heat energy produced will gradually enter the ear, loose the Earwax and eliminate the pore's waste. During the lighting, the Essential oil will be completely absorbed by skin, thus the toxins inside body and cranium will be discharged from the body, which can result in a special effect of loosing nerves, and pressure, improving the sleeplessness, and removing the pains.
Sun Flower Ear Candle Ingredients : 100% organic plant materials, 100% natural beeswax, beeswax, purified essential oil, hand-crafted , in full compliance with environmental requirements.

Characteristics of Sun Flower Ear Candle : No smoke, no dust, flame stable, safe (the burned ash has no temperature), no harm on the skin, containing pure essential oil of high quality.
100% Pure beeswax candles, no petrochemical products
100% pure medical cotton

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