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Simply apply the patch at night and see the results in the morning!

Detox the easy, gentle and natural way... while you sleep. No strict diets or harsh programs.
In todays environment we expose our bodies to an incredible amount of toxins, chemicals and metals.

Sunflower Detox Foot Patches are intended to;

- assist in the gentle removal of toxins from the body.
- increase your overall sense of well-being
- absorb excess fluid that may reduce swelling and water retention in the body

No strict detox diets just a safe, gentle and natural detox program to flush out toxins and cleanse the body.Users can benefit from flushing their intestines and support kidney and liver functions. Detoxification is a natural process that transforms health threatening toxic substances from our bodies into something harmless or excreted.
According to ancient Eastern medicine, toxins in the body accumulate in the feet. The body naturally detoxifies and rejuvenates itself while sleeping. These patches are said to not only assist that process, but also help eliminate some of the man-made chemicals that are often not removed by the body's own elimination processes.
A good detox program can;

- Reduce fatigue

- Improve sleep quality

- Remove dangerous toxins

- Strengthen immune system

- Extract chemicals & metals

- Support blood circulation

- Reduce water retention

- Reduce swelling

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