Sunflower Navel candles select excellent beeswax, include Honey extracts, traditions herbal as Salvia, Serin peach, Chamomile, natural herbal oil, cotton and other organic materials. Both were made with pure cotton. Each navel candles with a filter to avoid the belly wax to flow backwards. The Navel Candling treatment is effectively to relieve your stress, body lymphatic drainage, flatulency, stomachache, endocrine disorder & digestive problem caused by irregularly diets. As well as relieve the period pain for a woman.

Placed the candle in the belly navel, through the stimulation of local blood vessels to dilate wormwood, speed up blood circulation, local tissue can be reduced in fat, through the stimulation caused by reflection, tears of self-regulation of body fat navel through the drug through the umbilical to the stomach in the small intestine, and through the organs of the gasification and the role of the input fabric, cloth internal organs, expanded to the body to achieve rectify, to reconcile yin and yang, beauty care and slimming the effect of thin.

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