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Sunflower detox slimming patch


Fucus Vesiculosus, Guarana, Zinc Pyruvate, Flaxseed oil, 5HTP


100% natural plant ingredients, transdermal absorption, not to hurt the liver and kidney, not the stomach, no diarrhea, according to many symptoms of poor weight loss, muscle therapy application posted outside the meridian technology, merits and demerits of the skin releases the active ingredient, and clear the accumulation of body fat deposition , can stimulate the body's own fat burning cells function, to achieve rapid weight-loss purposes. In cell metabolism, through sweat, urine and respiratory excreted.

Accelerate the metabolism of excess fat, the body dissolved in a short period of time excluded. Section does not require food, not to hurt the liver and kidney, no movement, an effective. Can easily achieve a healthy body shaping effect.


We recommend that during the period you use this product, strictly follow the following principles:

Not less than 8 glasses of water daily for drinking

Eat three meals a day and reasonable food

Eat healthy dessert

Resist the high-protein and butter foods      

Resist with chocolate and high sugar content of food     
Moderate exercise,walking is necessary

Those substances on the skin bandage supplies allergies, you should try this product hours, removing patches, not suited to examine whether the sense of skin, and then start the routine use of this product.
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